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Silver Salt Restoration Limited are now licensed for Dolby Vision grading. This allows us to offer grading of 4K 16-BIT material in Dolby Vision using our HDR Eizo monitor. This has been utilised to produce brand new UHD HDR masters of “The Deer Hunter”, “They Live”, “Prince of Darkness” and “Don’t Look Now” for Ultra Blu-ray.

Victoria the Great screen shot

Silver Salt Restoration recently completed work on new restorations of “Victoria the Great” and its semi-remake/sequel “Sixty Glorious Years” licensed by Network from Studio Canal using Nitrate elements held by the BFI. Network have released an article talking about the film and the restoration carried out, which as always, we are very proud to be part of.

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Silver Salt Restoration Limited are the UK's leading experts in Film and Television Archive and Restoration work. Our team of specialists offer a full 360° service covering all aspects of the digital remastering process.

From the very inception of the comapny it was obvious things were going to be fast and furious on the development of the business. Starting at the Tank bulding we took on several suites ad out-grew them before we were able to get settled. Work flooded in and the business flourished from the begining. Not so surprising when as a firm we are at the forefront of the current movement towards 4k 16bit workflows for UHD delivery; having successfully delivered projects in Dolby Vision HDR. Due to this powerful growth period the company had to find bigger premises to work from. Then came the move to our current location at Unit 3 - Victoria Road Industrial Estate, Victoria Road, London W3 6UU. +44 (0) 208 357 5415

Our purpose is to preserve and restore original source film elements to produce new master versions that will protect and future proof content with an ultimate goal of presenting a renewed film that celebrates the original vision of the artist.

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